15-09-2010 till 24-09-2010

During one week Stonezone was the host for 28 students from BAS. This private funded architecture school in Bergen (Norway) has a special approach. The 5 year study program does not only investigate the technical or esthetical parts of architecture, but also involves environment, durability, and the human as a whole. And it's important for the students to experience.
This is what Stonezone offered. During one week, accompanied by teachers Asbjörn Andresen, Lukas Arons and Hans Leutscher they worked together, or individually. To mention some spectaculair results, please have a look at the construction of l'Arc de Hällevadsholm or the building of a traditional stone wall
They made visits to several industries, like Jogra AS (Norway), Hallindens Granit AB (Sweden), looked at some old 1600 and 1800 century granite bridges, and a very modern one, the spectaculair bridge over the Örekilsälv in Munkedal.
This one week gave the students the opportunity not only to see how a modern granite quarry produces some of the finest building materials, but they also experienced working in the same material them selves. And with the visit to the bridges and a stone church with origins that go back to the 9th century they could see how in the days of old the craftsmen worked.

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