Hällevadsholmsskolans Ek Inauguration (Nov. 2016)


On Friday November the 25 th, Hällevadsholms "Old School Oak" finally and officially was given back to the children of the village. At twelve o'clock all the children, schoolpersonal and the official guests were gathered in the schoolyard to witness the ceremony. The ceremony started with a musical performance by Tycho (10) who played Europe's "Final Count Down" on his saxophone. When the applaud for his excellent performance had silenced former student and later teacher Lisbeth Hedlund held a speech where she explained the importance of this majestic tree for the village. Followed was the "official" opening act where three children from the student council cut a blue /yellow ribbon. At the moment when the ribbon hit the ground, Hällevadsholms School fanfare, with teacher/conductor Hans Hede, "decorated" this memorable happening with some happy tunes. For all the school children refreshments where foreseen before the gathering dispersed and their weekend began.

Article in our local newspaper "Bohusläningen"
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