Hällevadsholmsskolans Ek (Aug. 2016)


After almost 4 years of absence the majestic oak tree from the Hällevadsholm schoolyard has returned to its former surroundings. The tree has moved about 50 meters to the south of its original stand. Besides this "minor" change has the tree also been transformed into a spectacular sculpture. The tree rests now in an upside down position on three colossal treetrunk shaped granite blocks. The total weight of the sculpture is roughly 25 tons. The whole project is performed by sculptor artist Lukas Arons with help from Amine Blila and Aiman Esber who are both employees of Skandinaviska Stenprodukter AB. (StoneZone)

A very special thanks goes to Hallindens Granit AB who provided the excellent granite blocks and to EraBetong AB who helped out with the massive concrete foundation.

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