Members of StoneZone Ideell Förening to “Hermitage Vyborg Exhibition centre”


Six Artist members of StoneZone ideell Förening will participate in the coming 'GOODWOOD'  exhibition in the Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition centre. The Hermitage Vyborg Exexhibition Centre is a dependance of the world famous Hermitage museum in St-Petersburg. This exhibition where sculptor artists meet juwelry makers gives a interesting view on the relation, the similarities and the differences of these different yet both 3D diciplines. The exhibition is open from January 25th to February 20 th.

The six international StoneZone IF members whose works will be exhibited are:  Joanne de Kroon, Katarzyna Kot-Bach, Jo Peters, Hans Leutscher, Viktor Grachev and Lukas Arons.

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