Official inauguration 8-5-2016


"Liberty Tree" Monument in place.

On Sunday the 8th of may 2016, on "Victory in Europe's" day, this monumental granite sculpture made by Tom Flick and Lukas Arons was inaugurated by the Mayor of Bettembourg (Luxembourg) Mr. Laurent Zeimet. He was hereby accompanied by Mrs. Alison Shorter-Lawrence, Deputy Chief of Mission from the US Embassy in Luxembourg and Mr. Mars Di Bartolomeo the President of the Luxemburger Parliament (Chambre des Députés).

The black, scorched and brutally obliterated "tree trunk" symbolizes the absence of freedom, the destruction of history and human values during World War II . "The acorn" on its behalf, the seed of the tree, represents the hope for a free and better future.

The sculpture was produced at stone studio "StoneZone", situated at the Swedish west coast.
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