Olga Moiseeva

Born in Saint-Petersburg. Graduated from Russian state University named after A. I.Herzen (art - graphic faculty). Was engaged in studying the heritage of Russian avantgarde. A member of the creative artists Union of Russia and "Free culture" association. Participant of numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, etc.), Japan (Tokyo,Kyoto), Germany (Berlin, Cologne ), USA (New York).

Works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the State Museum of history of St. Petersburg, Museum of nonconformist art, the State Museum "Tsarskoye Selo collection", Statt Museum Cologne (Germany), as well as in private collections.

.......To follow your nature, trust intuition, allow yourself total freedom and pure perception – all these are very necessary states for me which reveal the themes and motives of creativity. The natural diversity is reduced to the bipolar confrontation: light and shadow, movement and rest .... through this bipolarity "the invisible" is revealed. Abstracted form is the most convenient for interpretation of observations. Something comes from mental associations, something from a direct sense of reality. Structural clarity leads to clarity of the sign.

Olga Moiseeva in Erarta Gallery

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