Creative Collaboration & Development Concept 2014 / 2015

Creative Collaboration & Development Concept 2014/2015

"Creative Collaboration and Development Concept" is the 2nd part of an international information and experience exchange program initially started by Olga Gracheva. As founder and managing director of "Kaykino creative projects" NGO ("Творческие проекты Кайкино") Olga started the "Culture-led development in rural and suburban areas" program, in 2013. Several actors from the Swedish West-coast region and the region around St.Petersburg in Russia visited each other both in Russia and Sweden and exchanged information and experiences about creative development in rural areas. Besides representatives from Not Quite Fengersfors in Dalsland and Nätverkstan Göteborg, was also Lukas Arons as representative for StoneZone invited to come to St.Petersburg to lecture on development and creative entrepreneurship on the Swedish countryside.

The natural "follow up" for the "Culture-led development in rural and suburban areas" program was "Creative Collaboration and Development Concept". Initiated by Lukas Arons in close cooperation with the municipality of Munkedal, and economically supported bij Västra Götalands Regionen. This second mutual visit was more focused on the Municipalities of Munkedal and Volosovo in the Leningradskaya Region outside of St.Petersburg. Municipal officials, politiciens and civil servants, from both the municipalities were involved as were artists and art teachers. The visit of 6 Russian guests to Bohuslän as part of the program was arranged recently, considered a success and is probably a promising base for further cooperation and more tangible projects.
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